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Video Montages 


We do video slideshows that capture great memories.

We are proud to offer creative, custom video montages personalized for your special occasion. Video montages  with special effects are perfect for bar/bat mitzvahs, milestone birthdays, weddings, and many more special events!

We would be more than pleased to help you with your computer. We offer a variety of tech services to assist you or your family with their tech servicing needs.
Other Services 


We will also make logos, sign in boards, customized photo books, build websites and more. Our company can make multiple logos and special products for your event.

In addition, we can edit your photos or take the photos ourselves if requested.

Learn More About us

If you want to see some sample montages, then just hit the  "watch more" button right under this text.

How Much Tech Do You Know?

Our company was formed in 2012 to help people of all ages and abilities with technology training and special projects. Tell us what you would like to learn or what we can do for you, and we will be happy to assist! We can provide services for  any event such as bar/bat-mitzvahs, charity events, birthdays….anything you can think of! We are located in the Philadelphia area even offer our services virtually if you prefer.


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Video Montages 

 What To Do

With The Photos

When you set up an appointment with us for a slideshow, we normally receive the photos on a flash card or through Dropbox , as  is recommended .

This is very convenient for all parties. We can also receive them thru email, Google photos,  memory card, or can even scan the pictures for you. For an additional charge we can even take the pictures for you with a professional photographer. 

We can provide an estimate of costs in advance of doing the project.

We would love to work with you and we are willing to negotiate the price so that it is a fair value for all parties.

This is a sample montage that we developed. You can check out more by clicking the "Watch Sample Videos" Tab.


    Our Prices


Hours and Locations

Our Hours Are:


Mon-Fri:   9:00 a.m.-  10:30 p.m.

Saturday- 8:00 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.

Sunday-   available on request



  • We can go to your house.(most preferred)

  • We can talk over the phone , Skype, Facetime, computer, etc.

  • You can come to your location.

  • We can find a convenient location for both of us to meet.

  • Please contact us for whatever you prefer.

Why Choose Us?

High Qualty

We use Final Cut Pro X and other advanced movie editing programs for our projects so they can be the best quality available. This is the notably the best software in video editing.


We offer top, personalized service and want you to be very pleased with our product. Keeping the customer happy is a very important goal for us!

 Low Cost & High Value

 At TechKnow Pro, we want to offer you a great product at a reasonable cost. Our services are priced very competitively. We will always discuss the potential cost of our product and service before finalizing it and want you to be pleased with your final product.

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